Paris Marcel

the mogul, the brand, the humanitarian.

After graduating from New York University: Tisch School of the Arts with a double major in Performance and Entertainment Law, he mastered the intersections of multiple creative avenues: acting, dance, writing, and overall visual stimulation. He is well versed in all sides of production and creative direction. Paris Marcel sees beyond what is available in the physical realm, taps into the metaphysical realm and curates tangible environments for mental, emotional and visual health through artistic expression. Alluring concepts and unmatched execution, work-as ingredients to his success. Paris catches the essence of any project and magnifies its value through visual concepts. Artistic at heart, he finds solace on stage. He believes we as beings are our most creative when intuitively aligned and centered. He is not blind to the healing this world needs as he consistently seeks out the truth behind all that is love.


-Paris Marcel

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