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Priority by P. Is a contemporary boutique luxury clothing and lifestyle brand emphasizing custom culture. Housing neutral specific, genderless garments that can be worn in multiple ways in multiple fashions, the self-taught designer and alchemist is rendering his idea of what the basic necessities should look like. With his futuristic yet simple silhouettes, he has captured the concept of “the basics”, with a custom flare. Each piece is handcrafted and designed based on each customer’s specific proportions and measurements. Ensuring a perfect quality fit per each design.

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Start-Up: Consultation price for Custom Garment – $75

Please any visuals that can help describe or inspire your concept


— Client requests a meeting with the design team, and the design is approved based on the initial website consultation. This is to see if the design concept is possible to execute.


— Sit & meet with the designer. During this process, all manners of ideas will be discussed and planned. This is the time the client will provide all fabric options IF providing (without providing fabric, final garment prices WILL vary).


— Measurements will be taken during the client meeting as well as a rough sketch of the perspective piece. At the end of the first sit down, copies will be provided with an estimated finish date presented with a contract for the next two


— Missed appointments and or/or creative meetings, the client will be charged a cancellation fee and garments will not proceed to final execution until the said fee is distributed.


— One to two-week notice of schedule changes is required. We will work, within our rights, to help the customer because there will be no money back or returns. All consultation and initial start-up fees are nonrefundable. All sales and work will be finalized within 6 weeks of the initial consultation and first (of two) payments — unless advised otherwise.


— By the second fitting, all payments must be cleared before completion of the garment.


— Any alterations made after fitting will be readjusted in the final production total.


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